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Analog Clock This is a javascript clock that sizes to the browser window. It clicks every 15sec and chimes on the minute. I use it to time exercises. It is based on <canvas> rendering.
Download microRSS for
Firefox or Kmeleon
This is a javascript/XUL/HTML based RSS feed reader for Mozilla web browsers.
Download Crypto A very simple DOS32 console app that makes and helps solve cryptograms.
Download Integrating v3.3 Integr.exe is a DOS32 console program that computes integrals by recursive application of quadratic quadrature. Also get the Equat86 manual below.
Download GraphShop v3.5 Graphing.exe is a DOS32 program that graphs rectangular, polar, parametric and 3D planar functions. This demonstrates the use of runtime function compilation, a "proprietary" 3D graphics engine, and handling of mouse and timer interrupts. Includes a short manual, also get the Equat86 manual below. Does not work on XP.
Download DataShop v2.18 DataShop is a data analysis program with a spreadsheet editor, multiple curve fitting options including gobal optimizations and FFT capability. Includes a short manual. Also get the Equat86 manual below. Does not work on XP.
Download Equat86 Manual v2.14 This is the manual for the runtime function compiler used in the Graphing, DataShop and Integrating programs above. The manual tells how to specify functions to the unit.
The Equat86 unit compiles functions to a very fast form for x86 processors. It is also flexible, with over 50 predefined functions, piecewise function definition, and many more features.

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